Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mosquitoes in Kochi

Mosquitoes are giving sleepless nights to the residents of Kochi. With weather conditions turning favourable for mosquitoes to breed, the menace is assuming bigger proportions. The sunny days and chilly evenings are considered to be suitable for this.

The Corporation has allotted Rs.10,000 each to all the divisions for cleaning smaller drains. This step is being taken for preventing the breeding of mosquitoes in drains.

But don't mislead by this that Kochi is the only city with Mosquitoes!!

Kochi is the place which was affected to a lesser extent when Chickungunya was threat to Kerala. It was Pathanamthitta, Kottayam which were seriously affected along with Allapuzha.

If mosquito menace is so much I am in doubt why Kochi was affected less!!??


Tuesday, January 22, 2008



The World’s most famous Ship Race called as Volvo Ocean Race will pass through Kochi. The Indian stopover will come at the end of the second leg of the race from Cape Town, South Africa. Kochi will be the first of three new ports in Asia.(0)Kochi was selected over Goa and Mumbai due to Kochi’s strategic location. “Kochi is blessed with deep waters off the port and has a wide channel that provides an arena for people to view the race,” the race director mentioned.(1) The seven yachts participating in the race will arrive in Kochi in December 2008 and will stay for 10 days, before starting leg three to Sentosa Island in Singapore. A race village spread over 2.5 acres will be set up near the BTP berth at Willingdon Island.(2) This year it is the first time that the Volvo Ocean Race is passing through Asia. The race will go across 11 nations covering 39000 nautical miles with 9 stopovers. An agreement was made between the race director Andy Hindley and Kerala Government.

3000 beds alone are set to be required for the race organizers and participants. It is said that around 10,000 foreigners will come to Kochi. Over 40 channels across the globe will telecast the Volvo Ocean Race live. What else does Kochi need for a better advertisement? It will boost the economy of the state.

With the race to start in few months the major challenge for Kochi is to build race village of International standards for the participants to enjoy for about 10 days!

Brahmos Aerospace in Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala hi-tech industries (KELTEC) have been taken over by the defense ministry and now will be called as Brahmos Aerospace. It is situated in Chacka near the Tivandrum airport.

This has happened only because of the sincere efforts made by the Union Defense Minister Mr. A. K. Antony who hail from Cherthala. He handed over the key of Brahmos Aerospace to CEO Dr. Shivathanupilla who is named as the missile man of India. By this Kerala becomes the third unit for the production of High speed Missiles after Bangalore and Hyderabad. There were many efforts from defense ministry to pull down the unit being started in Trivandrum as they said that it will be poor market.

But Antony specified that around 1000 crores of rupees will be invested in Defense field thus transforming Kerala into a major Aerospace destination.

CMFRI and CIFT celebrate Jubilee

January 4, 2008:

How many in India especially in Kerala know that about 35,000 fishing boats in sea were designed in the research institute situated in Kochi!! The union minister Sharad Pawar inaugurated the 50th anniversary of Central Institute of Fisheries Technology commonly called as CIFT. The beginning of CIFT was very humble in a rented building in Chittoor road in the year 1957. CIFT was located in the present location in Wellington Island in 1967. The present Director of the institute of CIFT is Dr. K Devadasan.

Today India is in 6th position worldwide in the Fisheries area.

Also today new ship built by CIFT for fisheries research will be launched.

Adding to the glitz and glamour of the achievements of CIFT is another research institute in Kochi called as Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI). It is celebrating 60th anniversary today and will be presided by the Union Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar.

The inception of CMFRI was in the year 1947 with Chennai as the Headquarters. But in the year 1971 headquarters of CMFRI was shifted to Kochi.

The latest research work done by scientists in CMFRI is development of latest technology for reproduction of ornamental fishes.


There is only one answer for the question “Where is the biggest celebration occurring as part of Christmas and New Year in Kerala”? It is the historic FORTKOCHI in Kochi City. This years Cochin Carnival was the event in which most number of foreign tourists participated in India. The carnival was flagged of on December 13, 2007 and various cultural events were conducted as part of Carnival. The events include Painting, sports events, rangoli, cultural events, swimming. The most glamorous event is BEACH RACE.

On January 01 there was carnival procession which started from Veli grounds. The procession included various events like dance, rally, fashion and imitating dress show. Also there were many floats in the rally which made people to think over and ponder about it. Koovapadam Brothers won the First prize for float event which displayed Perunthachan’s shilpashala.

The procession concluded at the historic Parade ground at Fort Kochi. Kochi city Mayor Prof. Mercy Williams presided over the function. Mattancherry MLA V. K Ibrahimkunju, Fort Kochi RDO Mr. Joseph and other MLA’s, counselors etc were present for the award ceremony. K J SOHAN who is called as the FATHER of COCHIN CARNIVAL gave a small speech.

25th Anniversary of COCHIN CARNIVAL in 2009

Next year it will be the 25th time that Kochi is celebrating the carnival and the mayor told that it will be made a grand event next year with funds from the Kerala government.

KJ Sohan said that when Mahatma Gandhi came to Veli beach in Kochi during pre independence he quoted “KOCHI AS EPITOME OF ADVENTURE”. Sohan also added that next years carnival must be made a huge event and its fame to reach all over the world.

Bane for Fortkochi?

One bug and the whole history and culture of Fortkochi is under threat. I am talking about the creepy crawly Shafique (17) who was arrested for molesting a Swedish lady. Though the Swedish faction didn’t file a complaint he was arrested and the procedures followed by Kochi police really deserve accolades considering the Mumbai event where the City Commissioner said not to blow up the incidence and failed to take action.

This incidence caught national attention. “We can’t let the hooligan’s escape” this is what the Kochi city police commissioner said after arresting the culprit. Mumbai and Kochi is often ranked high for safety for women, but one sinister affair like this can spoil all the other great things whatever it may be. All these events will only contribute to bring down the tourists to India.


National Ethnic Food and Cultural fest, the first of its kind in the state was conducted in Kochi as there are around 14 major communities in Kochi living in harmony, which is absolutely inimitable anywhere in the world. The fest was conducted from January 5 to 10. The main specialty of the food festival in Kochi was that the food was prepared by the housewives of particular community residing in Kochi.

There were food stalls from Kannada, Andhra, Tamilian, Konkani, Thulu, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, North Indian, Rajasthani, Portuguese communities. Also there were stalls for Kerala style, Chinese, Arabian, Italian etc.

The timings were 4.30 pm to 10 pm and the turnout for the event was absolutely overwhelming. There was unimaginable rush at the fest for the last day.

Kochi believe it or not is the only place with such a cultural integrity in the world and it is evident if one takes a ride across the older part of Kochi like Mattancherry and Fortkochi.


The food festival was absolutely a mega event considering that it was Mini India inside the Marine drive Ground where the fest was held.

The Portuguese food stuffs were roasted tongue of cow, tripe of cow, Souvlinge Culculse, roasted duck, Beef vindalu, Bibinca, Matrony etc which were new to Keralites.

The Oriyan delights were Feni, Manda pitha, muga pitha, Chenna poda, Potala kasa, Chhencheda etc which was organized by Cochin Oriya association. Favorites among the Punjabi food were Corn chat, Punjabi bullet, Khas hara bara, tandoor, Ginger chicken etc served along with elegant Punjabi music.

Andhra stall served Hyderabadi dum biriyani, chicken biriyani, chilli bhajji, special dosa etc. Kerala Banga Samskriti Sanga also had attractive stall serving typical Bengali fish fry etc. Kannada stall served Aval, Nippatu, Jowar roti, Dharwad peda, Bhajji, Protien rich soup etc.

Gujarati stall was famous and it contained Dabeli called as Indian burger apart from Parathas and chats. Thulu, North India stall were also with peculiar food items. Thulu stallhad manjal dosa, Boli etc.

The Tamil stall was funny as it served Dosas which were too big and other typical Tamil dishes like Oothappam, Pongal, Curd rice, Puliyodharai etc.

I initially thought that I won’t spend much time in Konkani stall as I am Konkani myself but the stall had some of the special foods that I rarely have eaten. So I got interested and had many other dishes also. There were dishes like Panjagadhayu – Payasam/Kheer, Pal pongal, Hittu, Rontos, Cabbage dosa, Rose milk etc.

These were memorable days that I will hardly forget. Also a stage was set where cultural programs of different communities were held. Thus these festival days made me a binge eater again and I feel myself that I am a food connoisseur from this day.


GCDA and TRIDA will be suspended next year.

The development authorities of the cities of Cochin and Trivandrum will be closed down from next year as claimed the Government. The development body for Calicut city was closed last year in April.

The Government have sent letter to the authorities asking explanation of following matters: Projects undertaken now, Estimate of the projects, Authorities profit for the last 3 years, Expense, Expense for salary, Vacant posts, people working in deputation, number of people working for daily wages etc.

But the decision to close the GCDA is set to cause widespread protest in Kochi considering the development that GCDA has made to The City of Cochin such as Kaloor International Stadium, Marine Drive, Marine Drive Ground Maidan, Subhash Bose Park, Residential colonies, other parks in various parts.

If the decision is implemented then it will be a major set back for the present projects like roofing of the International stadium and Ring road.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Kochi got the best New Year gift that it could ever wish for- the state of the art METRO RAIL in the model of the Delhi Metro!

The Kerala Cabinet has approved the Rs 3000 crore Kochi Metro Rail project and sent it to the Centre for verification on January 01, 2007.

However with the commissioning of Metro rail, Kochi is poised to make a big leap to join the celebrity league of big cities such as Delhi or Bangalore.(0)
Thus the project will be executed by DMRC and not on the BOT(Built-On -Transfer) basis and it will be a joint venture project of state and centre(00)

The State Government has given the green signal to go ahead with the ambitious Metro project on a total budget outlay of 3084 Crores. 20% of this will be borne by the Central Government and 15% (~ Rs.450 crores)by the state government. The rest of the funds will be mobilized through loans from the Japanese bank of JBIC.(1)

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will be overseeing the project right from the procurement of land to the commissioning of the project and the work on this project is expected to be completed within 3 years. Metro rail extends from Kalamassery in Aluva to Petta in Tripunithura spanning a total distance of 25 kms(1*). In the later stages it might be extended to NEDUMBASSERY AIRPORT AREA AND FORTKOCHI TOWN!(2)

Earlier DMRC had conducted a feasibility study for Metro rail in Kochi and Trivandrum. But the report suggested to built Metro in Kochi and said it is not suitable for the capital.(3)

Metro Rail Not Feasible for Trivandrum!!(typical Trivandrum road shown here)

The Peak Hour Peak Direction Trips (PHPDT) in Trivandrum is too low and even in the year 2030 the PHPDT rates will be 5485. Since this level of PHPD T can be easily handled with bus traffic, metro services cannot be justified for t he capital. What is more interesting is that even in the year 2030 LRTS is not justified in Thiruvananthapuram as it will be an unnecessary financial burden on the city(4).

Land Acquisition for Kochi Metro:

The District Collector of Ernakulam A.P.M Mohammed Hanish said that the land acquisition will be completed within seven months from now. About 15 hectares will have to be acquired for which around Rs. 100 crores will be required considering high land prices in Kochi. (5)

Thus Kochi is all set to be a real Mega City and it will stretch up to Thrissur in North and Cherthala to the South(6). The problem Kochi facing is that the City limits have not been expanded by the Government, even when the real city area is far more wider than what is today. After that the land availability will increase. The present city limits was craeted in 1967 and after that it was not expanded, thus according to the Statistics Kochi is only the Second Largest City in Kerala.

But the reality is that Kochi is the Largest City in Kerala in terms of area and population and Kochi Metro rail will indeed give a new face to Kochi from its traditional world famous Chinese Fishing Nets and Backwaters etc.


Aluva, Pulinchode, Companypady, Ambattukavu, Muttom, Apollo Tyres, St.Mary's Church, Kalamassery, Pathady palam, Edappally Toll Junction, Edappally, Palarivattom, International stadium, Kaloor, Lissie Junction, Madhava Pharmacy, Maharaja's Ground, Ernakulam South junction, GCDA Junction, Fathima Church, Elumkulam, Vyttilla, Thykoodam, Poonithura and Pettah.

Thus there will be a station after each kilometer.

Speed of Kochi Metro Train!:

The proposed speed for Kochi metro train is 36 Km per hour, which is almost equal to the city buses which have a limit of 35 km per hour.

Waiting for the latest news regarding DMRC visit for deciding links and approval by the Central overnment which was passed by state government.


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